I used to work as a mechanical engineer from 2002 to 2017. I liked that job but I always felt something is missing.

When I was young I started programming on Commodore 64 in Basic language. Later in Pascal. Then I skip a lot of time becuase I went on another way as career. In 2008 I got back to programming. First I learnt HTML, CSS, JavaScript basics. Then I created websites based on WordPress but the main focus was internet marketing and SEO.

As the time passed SEO became more and more difficult and hard to achieve success. And I realized that the most enjoyable part of the process for me was building website. This was when I decided to learn programming in PHP.

Hard Skills
Backend Developer
90% Complete

I love creating systems in PHP. I continuously learning while working. In the beginning I created web applicatons in native code. Later I found Yii which is a very powerful framework. Nowadays I am working with Laravel.

Frontend Developer
80% Complete

Of course I need HTML, CSS and JavaScript knowledge in my works. And I love to create the whole project from backend to frontend. This way I don't have to wait somebody else to finish their job and I can handle the whole process in one hand.

Soft Skills
60% Complete

I have a good understanding in Git version control. I actively use it in my daily work whether I work alone or in a team.

60% Complete

Nowadays I am lerning Docker. This system is so flexible and wide so there are plenty of opportunities in using it. Unfortunately now I know less then I would like to do.

80% Complete

I can install, operate, update, make secure VPSs. My favorite operation system is Ubuntu, but I have already worked with CentOS 7 and Debian 9 as well.

Professional Experience
2008 - 2016
Wordpress Developer

Budapest, Hungary

I created WordPress site mainly for myself and do a lot SEO on the purpose to make money by affiliate marketing. I learnt a lot about internet marketing at this time.

2009 - 2016
Full Stack Web Developer

Budapest, Hungary

I began learning Backend and Fronted Developing and I loved it. Now I have more than 2+ years experience in active coding. The best part of this job is I can contiunously develop myself as well and it is a never ending story!